How to Choose the Right Dog Collar

There are a variety of factors to consider when looking for a dog collar. Picking out a leash is a little easier when you have a little information about your dog. It all comes down to what is the most comfortable for you and your dog. It also depends on your dog training needs to pick the right collar. The most common choices include:

Nylon Leashes: A solid, cost-effective option, the standard nylon leash is both durable and washable.

Fashion Leashes: A great way for you to express your pets’ personalities, fashion leashes feature fun patterns and colors.

Specialty Leashes: Unique features like padded handles, quick hitches and traffic loops offer great options while walking your pet.

Leather Leashes: Durable and long-lasting, leather leashes are usually worth their slightly higher cost. Leather is easy to grip and softens from the oils on your hands, making these leashes increasingly comfortable as they age.

Retractable Leashes: You can control how much lead your dog is given with these handy leashes, which are great for well-trained pets. They make it easy to safely draw your dog closer or let him roam a little, which helps make walks pleasant.

Training Leashes: Usually made from washable, economical cotton webbing, long training leashes come in lengths between 15 and 50 feet and are useful in teaching a dog to come when called. The extra length allows dogs to roam, while you retain some control.

Tie-Outs and Stakes: If you like camping and traveling, a tie-out combo can be great to have. The stake anchors in the ground and the tie-out attaches to it and your dog’s collar, allowing him to spend time in outdoor spaces without fences. These are not, however, designed for walks and are not a recommended containment method for dogs that are outdoors for long periods of time.

So depending on your dog’s breed, size or personality, there are many different collars to choose from.  Overall, it depends on your specific needs and dog training expectations of your dog. There are a lot of collars out there, but in the end its up to you and your pet to make the decision on the best collar.

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